The Langsford Difference

The majority of us take learning for granted. We enter school and apply seemingly natural skills to the subjects studied. But for others, it’s not that simple.


Regardless of how reading is taught — by phonics, linguistics, whole language, or any combination of methods — a significant portion of the population has difficulty learning to read. These reading difficulties often lead to global learning problems as schoolwork becomes more complex. Students with learning difficulties typically face the added frustration of having average to above-average intelligence, yet falling short of their academic potential.


Learning difficulties are often the result of one or more underdeveloped brain processes. Most educational programs are not equipped to address this reality.
The result — an endless cycle of underachievement and tutoring.Typically, “tutoring” begins at a level where a learning difficulty has been encountered. This special help may carry the student through to the next level in a particular subject, but problems are likely to recur because the underlying learning difficulty still exists.

Thank you for helping my son learn to read and have confidence in reading!!! What a change we have seen.

The Langsford difference — what separates us from traditional “tutoring” programs — is that we determine and address the underlying learning processes that caused the difficulty. We help people of all ages who are doing well in school but exerting disproportional effort, as well as those who have been considered learning disabled or dyslexic. We can also help average students obtain above average achievement through enrichment sessions. When a student’s needs match our specialties, results are dramatic and, unlike most tutoring programs, the effects are long lasting. Students are able to become independent, empowered, and confident learners.