Our Team-to-One™ model puts your child at our center, surrounded and supported by a team of caring, highly trained professionals.


In addition to our highly effective, research-validated instruction, nothing differentiates Langsford from other resources more than the involvement of the entire staff with each child. In implementing a customized plan of action, many staff members work with each child and share experiences and insights to best serve that child. This cooperative effort draws on the perspectives and abilities of our team of reading experts. This is why we say our model is Team-To-One™, because many people are involved in working with each child. Our Team-To-One™ approach also extends to the family, the school and beyond.


Each child is unique, so goals are reached at an individual pace. The methods we use are not courses, programs, nor worksheets. Just as no two children are at the same level when evaluated, neither are two children likely to respond to learning sessions in exactly the same way. In short, our Team-To-One™ approach keeps the Langsford team focused on the success of each child.