Summer Reading Programs

Summer Reading Program Options; Enrichment, Remediation, and Follow-Up (if your child has attended Langsford in the past).

Many people think that if their child is doing well in school, no additional work is needed. And it’s true that they may not need remediation. However, kids can make significant gains by doing enrichment work to enhance their skills. Why settle for average if the potential is there to be a star student? Our evaluation can identify any areas in which your child might benefit from enrichment work.

Is your child currently struggling? Are you concerned that they could have trouble keeping up next school year? Our comprehensive reading evaluation would give you insight into exactly where your child is having difficulty and what you can do to help. Summer is a great time to close the academic gap and prepare your child for the upcoming school year.

If your child has attended Langsford in the past, some additional instruction can take their skills to the next level. An evaluation is usually not necessary. Just call us to discuss options.