It built her confidence which has caused her to be able to work independently now on homework. She is just excelling so well and we owe it to Langsford for their learning programs and techniques they taught my daughter that will benefit her the rest of her life.
Reading & Spelling

Great readers are fluent and able to sound out words easily.


The joy of reading comes when we understand and imagine the story.


Empowered writers have a clear plan to express their thoughts effectively.

While most children begin school with the ability to learn successfully, others struggle and need individual attention. Our focus is different from that of school intervention and subject-driven tutoring.


There are key processes necessary for effective reading, spelling, comprehension and written expression. We focus on these processes, not content. Our targeted, one-to-one instruction develops these key processes. The instruction is systematic, multi-sensory, and explicit. Our teaching methods are research-validated and integrated with the best practices in the field of reading. Each child has a customized plan of action that is designed to close the academic gap in the shortest amount of time possible.


We create a joyful environment that supports, empowers and nurtures each child with their learning. The sessions are highly interactive, fast-paced and fun! This approach enables a child to achieve a level of success that truly reflects their effort and intelligence. And more importantly, this boosts a child’s confidence and helps them discover the joy of reading and learning!

Our daughter just finished 'learning' at Langsford. She loved that place from the atmosphere to all the people she encountered there. It's one of those places you can just walk in and quickly discover that everyone wants to be there and cares about each student as their own! They have an amazing system put together there which is not like any other center we have experienced before. They truly work with EACH individual child's strengths and weaknesses to help a child succeed.

Built from the Research

Implemented so it is fun to learn!

Our instruction is developed for each student based on the guidelines of Scientifically Based Reading Research.

  • We make learning fun!

    We develop the joy of reading.

  • Team-To-One™

    Our entire team working for your child’s success.

  • Customized Instruction

    Our instruction is one-to-one and highly interactive.

  • Continual monitoring of progress

    Ongoing progress monitoring guides our instruction.

  • Regular family updates

    We keep families informed every step along the way.

  • Collaboration with your team

    We collaborate with schools, teachers and other professionals.

  • Parent Workshops

    Get tools to support your child at home.

  • Re-Assessment upon completion

    Included is a formal Assessment of Progress at the end to measure gains.

  • No contracts!

    Stop at any time.  No strings attached.