Lasting Gains

Give a man a fish – you have fed him for today.
Teach a man to fish – and you have fed him for a lifetime.

Tutoring and homework help are like giving a student a fish. They get the student through today, but tomorrow, the same problems remain.


At Langsford, our assessment process clarifies any specific needs. Then we target instruction precisely to that area. In short, we teach our students to fish. We give our students the skills they need for long-lasting success.


Her family was told in grade school she wouldn’t go to college. Later she was named Outstanding Student of the Year at duPont Manual High School


Max qualified for the Duke Talent Identification Program in Critical Reading and was a 4-year winner of the Oldham County Young Authors Competition.   He is the youngest playwright ever in Actor Theatre’s Humana Festival of New American Plays (Ten-Minute Plays).


In 6th grade he was reading at a 1st grade level. Ten years later D.J. became a student at Bellarmine University.


Maggie came to Langsford as a second grader.  In her junior year in high school, she was accepted into the prestigious Governor’s Scholar program.

At Langsford, we talk a lot about letters of the alphabet, and we read a lot of stories. But hands aciphex to buy down, our favorite letters and stories are the ones we get from parents and relatives reporting success, confidence, happiness, and accomplishment for past clients. Each one is gratifying and heart-warming for instructors, learning specialists, and administrators alike. Here are a few we just had to share.


Austin is a first-grader working on reading and spelling. Before he came to Langsford, Austin would do anything to avoid spelling. Recently, Austin’s dad reported that Austin had come to him after having a privilege revoked at home. Austin had asked dad if he could earn it back by spelling a word. Austin’s dad was stunned! Good negotiating, Austin!


Sam is a sixth-grader who recently finished work at Langsford to aid his comprehension. The focus was on developing his ability to mentally picture what he reads (concept imagery). Sam’s Mom emailed to let us know about the changes she has seen since he finished his sessions: “I have seen such an increase in his confidence and he seems so much happier with himself; that is priceless to me.” Those words made us picture Sam with a big smile on his face. Great work, Sam!


Tristan is a seventh-grader and Langsford alum from a few years back. She came to Langsford to work on her reading and spelling. Since then, she has really taken off! According to Mom: “Wow!… She is doing wonderfully. Her reading, writing, and confidence in her ability continue to strengthen. …We are so lucky to have found the Langsford Center… She does well academically and is able to keep up with her reading and writing requirements and gets many compliments from teachers and friends on her kind and charitable nature. I am forever grateful for how you all set her on this road and cheered her on.” It sounds like this road is leading Tristan straight to success!


Thanks to all of you for sharing your stories. We are so happy for you!