They really understood my child.
Results explained and a clear plan delivered.

We offer best practices in the field of Scientifically-Based Reading Research and the National Reading Panel. These practices guide our assessment process. Discover what is going on with your child’s reading and how they can become successful in school.

“The Langsford team was a wonderful experience for Isabel and me. She felt comfortable coming in for her educational test. She was quickly put at ease and enjoyed the experience. The results and follow-up review with me were what is aciphex 20 mg excellent. The insights I gained into why Isabel wasn’t developing her reading skills as I thought she should were EYE OPENING.  I just wish I didn’t wait so long”  Jane, daughter 10

Assessment Example

This 3 min video shows you part of what goes on during an assessment. (coming soon)

Assessment Explained

2-min explanation of the Langsford assessment process (coming soon)