We help kids become confident readers!

Now offering online sessions!

Clarify the cause

Our evaluations pinpoint a child’s strengths and weaknesses.

Target the instruction

Our one-to-one tutoring is customized for each child.

Catch up quickly

Close the gap in months, not years!

Achieve lasting success!

We Teach

Reading, Spelling, Comprehension, and Writing

Founded in 1992

Centers in Louisville, KY and Cincinnati, OH

  • We make learning fun!

    We develop the joy of reading.

  • Customized Instruction

    Our instruction is one-to-one and highly interactive.

  • Continual monitoring of progress

    Ongoing progress monitoring guides our instruction.

  • Regular family updates

    We keep families informed every step along the way.

  • Collaboration with your team

    We collaborate with schools, teachers and other professionals.

  • Parent Workshops

    Get tools to support your child at home.

  • Re-Assessment upon completion

    Included is a formal Assessment of Progress at the end to measure gains.

  • No contracts!

    Stop at any time.  No strings attached.

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