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Langsford Learning Acceleration Centers, with locations in Louisville, Kentucky, and Cincinnati, Ohio, has tutored children and adults since 1992.

We have proven results teaching phonological (phonemic) awareness, phonics, reading, spelling, reading and listening comprehension, handwriting, and math using specialized, research-proven approaches.

From enrichment to remediation, we have extensive experience training the foundations associated with independent learning, including helping individuals with learning disabilities, auditory processing disorder (APD), dyslexia, hyperlexia, and ADHD.

Who We Help

While most of us begin school with the skills for successful learning intact, others need individual attention to develop specific skills. In order to read, spell, comprehend, and compute, certain basic processing skills must be in place. Many children who fall behind in school appear to be missing the key ingredients that others seem to have naturally. Is your child's learning development on target? Our learning centers provide educational opportunities covering reading, comprehension, and learning development.


Learning abilities acquired here are internalized. A typical student leaves with intact learning processes, without the need for continued intervention or content tutoring.

"Thanks again for your contribution to my child's success story! At each grading period of my daughter's school career, my thoughts go to Langsford... She was able to achieve a 4.14 GPA this quarter in her Freshman year... For a child who wasn't really reading until 3rd grade, this is a success story! She is reaching her potential and it is a joy to watch!" Lynn, Parent & Public School Educator

"...There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about the great outcome (my son) has had from his time there. It has changed his life in so many ways. He is turning 17 Saturday and he is inviting about 11 kids over for a "Risk" tournament. Several new friends are on the list from school. It has helped him academically as well. He got all A's this quarter and is so confident now. ... Hope the word (about Langsford) continues to get out." Marilyn

"The only place in town that does what you do!" Paula, daughter age 8, son 9.

"My son didn't need content tutoring, he needed to develop his reading skills. Thank You! Mary, son 10

"the programs make a life-altering difference...does not just address reading and language comprehension but overall (brain) functioning” - Ellen, son age 20

Changing lives one Child at a time!

What We Do

Using research-based approaches, which are direct, explicit, and simultaneously multi-sensory, we specialize in teaching the processes that are fundamental to all learning. These processes enable children to achieve grades that reflect their true effort and intelligence.


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